Thursday, November 14, 2013

collection revealing

i think our collection says a lot about us. one being the importance of the items. most of these arent expensive or seem to be worth much. that may say maybe we keep too much? maybe we waste our money? another is our interest. i think we spend our money and time on the little things and pay more attention the things that arent worth as much or mean as much. a lot of these are more advanced and a lot are girly. make up pops up more often then other things in this collection. maybe that says there is a lot of dependence on us using other things for ourselves or because we brought it in,we dint have a problem with going without it for awhile. 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

collecting vs. hoarding. what's the difference?

I think there is a big difference between collecting and hoarding. If you are collecting something then it should be a collection that are of specific things or a certain type. If not and you just save anything an everything that mean nothing then you may be a hoarder. I think hoarders are people who don't have reasons to save or keep things they do,but they do anyways. As to collectors who have reasons and value to the things they are keeping. 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Bike and candy comparison

Between the two I like he candy more. Not because it was easier but I liked the color we could use,the detail,and it was just something to be more creative with. In the bike drawing ou had to watch your composition and shading but not so much in the glass jar. And the colored pencils you could stay the same throughout the whole drawing. Another thing they had in common is highlights. On the bike you had to erase to highlight and in the jar you used a while colored pencil to highlight. Even of you're not the best at drawing,if you put your mind to it anythings possible. 

Candy jar

In our candy drawing I liked it. There were times where it was really hard but others where it was really fun. On jar part is covering it to make it have that glass like look. Highlighting is something you had to make sure you put in,in advance or it wouldn't work. My favorite part was coloring. I like to make things bold and use a lot of color when I do color so I took advantage of the colored pencils and used a lot. Picking a spot for it wasnt really hard because a long as you make it life size and do what you see you basically know what you're doing. Here is a picture of my candy jar drawing 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

bike drawing

the bike drawing was not my favorite. it was fun to outline but not to shade. the shading was the hardest part for me. to blend it all in but without smugging it or anything make it harder too. doing it on creative paper made it not as easy for shading because you have all different tones on the paper and cant exactly see and shade how you normally would on white paper. positioning it was hard too because you have to zoom in on one part and make all of that certian area bigger,so its not exactly copying just what you see. i am most proud of my detial. its easier to put in a lot of detail to something bigger than a lot into something small. overall,i thought it was a challenging project.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

welcome post

Hii,my name is talia and this is my blog. i am in 9th grade and in the creative arts class. i love to do art work. i try to relate my art with my emotions or mood i'm in while creating art. i love to use water color and oil pastels. i am more of a down to earth person,so i try to go with a little more deeper colors than the bright fun ones (although i like those too). well anyways follow my blog and i'll be sure to surprise and amaze you with my art! thank you!