Thursday, April 10, 2014

Totem story pole

One time, I had a real life dream. I was on vacation,in the Bahamas. It was extremely hot so I wanted to go in the water. The ocean looked mysterious and I was curious as to what would be under there. When I went under I saw all you could imagine. From giant octopus to little fish and seashells. There were barnacles floating around everywhere. There were little starfish that made seemed to bright up the whole ocean. The deeper I went the colder and darker it got. When I swam back up too the top it got lighter and brighter. The water was so clear I could see everything from just looking into the water. The seaweed seemed too be right there even though it was way deeper down. The palm trees had coconuts and Hawaiian flowers that made the place happier. I didn't want too wake up and I hope my dream will be a real life situation one day.