Thursday, June 12, 2014

Time capsule

For my time capsule project, I think it was one of my favorites. You were allowed to do anything you wanted to express you and so that you can have a piece of what you know how to so now and compare to the future. What I put in my box were little memories that i look forward too seeing my reaction in the future. I put things from when I was younger to now. The things I put mean special things to me. Overall this was my favorite project. I am proud of my work. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reflection post

This year I think I came really far. I made things I never knew I could make and do. Ive learned so many new techniques in coloring,drawing,painting and more. I am proud of how far my drawing skills have come along more than anything else. I'm also really proud of my clay ceramic totem pole. I think this year even though it's my first year in creative arts,I have continued to grow and take my artistic ability higher and higher. I am really proud of all of my work this year and feel I made progress. I loved art this year and can't wait to take it again next year.